There are a number of family medicine preceptors at the Chatham site, based in Chatham, Wallaceburg, and Blenheim. A majority of clinical learning takes place in the newly opened (summer 2010) Thamesview Centre for Family Medicine, which is described here.

Thamesview Centre for Family Medicine
Chatham thamesview


465 Grand Ave




  • Two faculty provide intrapartum obstetrics
  • Continuing medical education

Faculty to Resident Ratio:



  • Dr Susan Munro
  • Dr Brian Gamble
  • Dr David Huffman
  • Dr Sherri Rozell
  • Dr Kate Bailey
  • Dr Donna Wadderud
  • Dr John Boekhoud

Academic AspectsEdit

Family practice in Chatham is very comprehensive. Be prepared to work in the clinic, round on patients in hospital, do some emergency room shifts, and potentially deliver a baby or two.


  • Dr Susan Munro
  • Dr Zeke Milkovic
  • Dr David Huffman
  • Dr Sherri Rozell
  • Dr Kate Bailey
  • Dr Donna Wadderud
  • Dr John Boekhoud
  • Dr Jim Wheeler
  • Dr Saima Khan

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

Other LearnersEdit

medical students are frequelty present with other faculty.


Practice PopulationEdit

Chatham has adiverse population. It is the commercial and administrative hub of the region, with much manufacturing and agriculture in and around it. There are large native reserves on Walpole Island and Moraviantown, and there are many migrant workers from Central America and the Carribean. Of these, a number are Mennonite and often speak low-German, rather than English. There are many socio-economic issues that face people, including substance abuse and mental health.


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The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance owns a number of houses in which learners can stay. Kitchen facilities are available. Accomodates are on hospital grounds and are ~10 min walk to the clinic.

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