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Ok, let's say I want to contest some of the information on this page, how do I do that?

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Guidelines about what to write

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  6. Negative Reviews: If you had a negative experience on a rotation, be honest, but please be very clear as to why or what made the experience negative. If you have suggestions for how the situation could be improved, please share your thoughts. If a negative review is posted, the editors of this guide will seek further opinions, not to undermine the experience of the original reviewer, but in order to seek ways in which others may have been able to improve their experience ex. Clinic vs. Operating room, Ward vs. Outpatient clinics, alternative locations, arrangements with chief residents or preceptors.

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Content guidelines

Academic Aspects:

  • Preceptors – Who did you work with? One or more?
  • Teaching:Service Ratio – did you feel like the amount of teaching was adequate for the amount or level of work you put in?
  • Other Learners - Were you working with other residents/students?


  • Practice Population
  • Community
  • Accomodations (if applicable)

A Week in Your Life on this Rotation:

  • What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Ex. All day clinic, mix of inpatient and outpatient, nursing home, shift work?
  • Call Requirements


  • Additional details you think are important for someone considering this rotation to know?
  • If you had a negative experience, any suggestions for how the experience could have been improved?
  • Date of Last Edit:

What do I do if I have more to add to an existing page?

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