Academic AspectsEdit


I worked with Dr. Rachel Schaefer in London.

Teaching to service ratioEdit

Mostly service, with teaching well integrated. I found Dr. S was responsive to questions and requests for support.

Other learnersEdit



Practice populationEdit

All ages, with a large number of women of reproductve age.


London (Wortley Village)


Sharon Storey's office provided a list of short term acommodations. I found a basement suite for the month through a friend.

Week in the life of....Edit

What does a typical week look like?Edit

Arrive at office at 8 AM and see patients between 8:30 and 4. EMR allows you to take notes as you go. Office practice all day Mon, Wed and Fri and Tue morning. Dr. S assists a plastic surgeon Tue afternoon and all day Thu. You are welcome to, but not required, to participate in the OR. I saw some interesting operations (e.g liposuction, breast reduction, hand surgeries). She does small office procedures as well (e.g. cyst and wart removals).

Call requirementsEdit

Unclear. Dr. S is on home call 24 x 7 for her OB patients. You are welcome to participate in as many of the calls as you like.

Other things to addEdit

I found Dr. S to be a competent physician and teacher. I would have wanted clearer communication, especially mutual objective setting at the start of the rotation.