Core Selective - Palliative Care

Academic AspectsEdit

Preceptors Edit

Andre Moolman - Wonderful preceptor, primarily hospital based practice, with some house-calls, and coverage at sister site. Dr. Moolman has one special care nurse assisting him.

Teaching to Service RatioEdit

50:50; Dr. Moolman is great at providing articles to read up on, stop and review strategies while on ward, and suggest management changes. Indenpendence to practice palliative care skills is encouraged.

Each resident will present a self-chosen topic related to palliative care during weekly Palliative Care rounds. This is video-conferenced to all sites in the KW network.

Other LearnersEdit

1:1 primarily; there was one observing international student present but generally only one resident per rotation.


Practice PopulationEdit

Mix of inpatient cancer patients (acute pain crisis, management for patients receiving chemo or radiation in hospital, end of life care), and some chronic disease end of life care. In general patients who are in hospital under the medical oncologists or radiation oncologists are followed by the palliative care service for symptom management. Occasionally surgical patients (usually patients with pathologic fractures undergoing surgery).


Hospital is located on border of Kitchener and Waterloo, with easy access to the downtown cores of both cities. Great resturants and shops in Waterloo. Only criticism - the immedate neighbourhood around the hospital is of a lower socio-economic leaning, so wandering around at night alone (especially as a female) is probably not recommended.


House is an old home with recently updated main floor shared use areas (TV room, kitchen, diningroom). Upstairs floor has four bedrooms and a single bathroom. Bathroom could stand to be updated. Bedrooms are generally spartan, reminicent of a traditional dorm-style room (in size and furnishings). Good heat in the winter. 

Week in the Life of . . .Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation?Edit

Each day is basically the same, so it is easy to get into a good rhythm and routine. Day starts at offices in Cancer Centre ~8:30 to review new patients and divide list. Most of day involves rounding on patients, seeing new consults. Occasionally accompany Dr. Moolman for home visits. Most days done by 4 - 5 pm, depending on consults. The last Friday of the rotation resident is always taken out for lunch. Usual daily "coffee break."

Call RequirementsEdit

One weekend is expected during the rotation.

Other Things to AddEdit

In general all people you encounter (med oncs, dieticians, SW, nurses) are wonderful people, and very friendly.