Academic AspectsEdit


There are multiple preceptors in Kitchener. You alternate time between them and being on call with them. Some have more gynecology available in clinics, and all do obstetrics.

I got along with all of them, some of them are very easy going and others like to control things themselves which is understandable in obs but been to labours with all of them.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

On call and in clinic, typically the ratio is 1:1. Very little (if any) formal teaching

Other LearnersEdit

There are about 4-5 other residents on the rotation, but the schedule is created so each person is on call or at clinic on different days.

There is typically a 2nd yr OB resident on during the days to serve as the senior resident.


Practice PopulationEdit

No specific population but there is extremely high volume in Kitchener; it is one of the highest in the country, which is excellent for learning


Yes, Kitchener offers a recruitment weekend every year. There are a lot of good giveaways too at the weekend (note that a major electronics company is based out of Waterloo, that's all I'm saying ;-) ). Make sure you check out Oktoberfest if you are there in October, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra is quite excellent.


Yes, there is an old house behind the hospital, 30 seconds walking distance at most. The house is quite convenient and provides linens, full kitchen, washing machine, dryer, TV and Internet. There is a cleaning service as well. Only 4 residents can fit in the house, so make sure you request this early if you want it. The rooms are a bit on the small side and there is one shared bathroom. The rooms facing the main street can be quite loud, so I recommend bringing ear plugs.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

The month is actually scheduled very lightly. There are 4-5 call shifts (24 hours), 4-5 clinic days (usually only half day clinics each), 1 breastfeeding clinic for half a day, and a group presentation. This means that most of your month you will have OFF. :-)

Call requirementsEdit

There are 4-7 calls per month depending on how many residents are on in any particular block. There will be a mix of Western & Mac FM residents on.

Other Things to addEdit

Kitchener is one of the, if not the, most popular site at which to do obstetrics. As a result, it will fill up. Make sure you request this as your #1 choice if you want to go there.