Academic AspectsEdit


Dr. Davies

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

There is very little to no teaching on the service. At least that was my experience

Other LearnersEdit

Team was comprised of 2 medical students, another family medicine resident and a senior gen surg resident


Practice PopulationEdit

usual mix of gen surg type patients


London as usual



Week in the life ofEdit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation?Edit

round around 6am

OR: retracting, maybe more if you show interest. Depending on if need, as the family med resident you can opt to stay out of the OR and deal with the floor pts/consults if on call

Clinic: probably attended 3 or 4 over the rotation. Typical consult clinic, not overly busy.

usually out by 6pm ish

Call requirementsEdit

about 1 in 5

Other Things to addEdit

Didn't enjoy this rotation, very limited learning and a lot of scut work

Editor's note: to help determine other ways in which family medicine residents could have a beneficial learning experience on this rotation, we have solicited further opinions. A recommendation from two other residents: the general surgery clinics and emergency room consults offer better family medicine relevant learning experiences than the OR. The senior surgical residents who lead the teams are generally happy to negotiate these duties, and it is recommended to discuss this with them at the beginning of the rotation.

I most certainly agree with the editor's note. I have a good broad view of the feedback from residents, and generally the feeling is that you need to make your expectations/desires clear at the beginning of the rotation while indicate that you are willing to contribute in any way that is possible for the team. Key is to develop a good relationship with the senior - as the senior runs the team. It is a 2-way street and it's important to show that you are there to provide service as well as to learn. When the sevice feels that you are a contributing member then you will be further exposed to additional educational opportunities. London, as a referral centre, gets lots of consults, so it's a great opportunities to get opportunities to do procedures in this context. Also, the floor work is quite valuable in increasing comfort and skills in in-patient management - this is especially true for those with an interest in inpatient medicine. (Dr. Wong, Postgraduate Director)