Academic AspectsEdit


I worked with Dr. A. Mohammed, who runs a community paediatrics clinic in London and also works in Woodstock once a week. He has a strong interest in ADHD, so I was able to get a lot of good experience working with that patient population.

Dr Javed Mohammed is a great physician to work with if you can get a rotation with him. He does Pediatric Dermatology. Lots of experience with Eczema, Nevi and Acne

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

I was the only resident on my rotation. The teaching was outstanding.

Other LearnersEdit

There were no other learners when I was there.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

Typically the week consisted of seeing patients in the paediatric clinic in London or Woodstock. On the Woodstock day, Dr. Mohammed arranged to meet me and drive me to Woodstock, to save on my gas.

Call requirementsEdit



- Dr. Daisy Pavri (London Community Peds) - staff has great bed side manners - pts love her - unfortunately, not very evidence based - a lot of blood work and referral made from office?? - call is useful as you get to do a lot of newborn exams + some circumcisions - some days at the clinic can be slow

- spent a block with Dr. Mohammed. It was great. he does a lot of well child and ADHD (as someone above mentioned). the hours were reasonable (i think 9-430 ish) and there was no call. He is a really nice guy, great preceptor, happy to answer questions but there was not much teaching on the rotation.