Academic AspectsEdit


I worked with two preceptors: Drs. John Scott and Ed Fitzgibbon. My rotation was at The General Hospital as part of the Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation Service. Dr. Fitzgibbon is a strong supporter of ketamine in the palliative population, so you will get some experience working with it and Methadone.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

I was the only resident on the rotation. The teaching was excellent.

Other LearnersEdit

I occasionally interacted with the other Palliative residents (R3s) in Ottawa.


Practice PopulationEdit

A large proportion of our patients had oncologic diagnoses. A few had other conditions such as end-stage cardiac and renal disease. Most patients who spoke French were bilingual, and by no means do you have to have a command of French to do a rotation or work in Ottawa.


Take the time to explore Ottawa. It is a beautiful city, filled with rich history and culture. There are many excellent restaurants and other attractions. Don't forget about nearby Gatineau in Quebec with its outstanding hiking trails!


No, I had to organize my own accommodations. I asked around and found an upper-year resident who was subletting a room in her house. Unfortunately, since this is obviously outside the SWOMEN area, and is not in a rural eastern Ontario location, there is no funding for accommodations or travel from either SWOMEN or ERMEP.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

I worked on the Consultation Team, so our week consisted of rounding on our patients like any consultative service. I would also see new consults and discuss my plans with the staff.

Call requirementsEdit

I was on call for one weekday and one weekend. The call was not stressful at all, yet I learned a great deal.

Other Things to addEdit

Contact the University of Ottawa *early* if you want to do an elective there. There is a lot of paperwork to get done, including immunization records (keep track of when you had your flu shot!), which can take a while to process.