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Dr. Tom Lacroix

Lets you see most patients. Very eager to teach. Provides excellent insight and advice around cases. Does excellent modules around ADHD, assessment and pharmacological treatment, and Heart Murmurs in children.

You will also likely rotate through with 2 other community Pediatricians who do not have nearly as much teaching experience and do not provide much autonomy appropriate to your level of training. 

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Medical students



Practice PopulationEdit

Age range newborns to 16 y.o.

There is great exposure to a number of behavioural problems as well as varying types of ADHD.


Sarnia is a small city of about 70,000 located at the edge of the earth.

Approximately 1 hour west of London on the 402.

Plenty of places to eat, choice of 2 shopping malls, and home of the OHL team, Sarnia Sting.


SWOMEN provides a house for residents and medical students to stay in. It's very nice and located next to the hospital, and approximately 10minutes walking distance from Dr. Lacroix's clinic.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

You generally start at 7:30-8am at the hospital where you will see all the newborns for assessment.

Then you would see any pediatric in patients, ranges from none - to 8 or more.

You also see any patients in the level II nursery that are assigned to your preceptor.

Then you would head over to the clinic to see patients for the rest of the day.

Fridays are usually just hospitals in the morning very rarely is there a morning clinic as well.

Call requirementsEdit

You typically take call with your preceptor, and are expected to do 1 weekend of your call during your rotation.

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