Academic AspectsEdit


I worked with Dr. Keith Dyke. The other preceptor who takes patients is Dr. David Billings.

Teaching to service ratioEdit

Very high. Pretty much no service and lots of teaching opportunities, especially if you asked.

Other learnersEdit

You may be on with one other resident or a med student. There are usually a few learners in the town as a whole. It is also a site for U of T students so you may see some of them.


Practice populationEdit

A mix of everything but mostly middle aged and older people. A few kids. Seems to be a wealthier town with a lot of people who work at the Bruce nuclear plant. In the summer, lots of vacationers especially in Port Elgin.


Absolutely beautiful town on the shores of Lake Huron! Lots to do in the way of hiking, beaches, cycling. You can rent kayaks. Incredible sunsets every night.


Residents stay in a gorgeous condo 5 minutes from the beach. It is about a 10 minute walk from the hospital and a 5 minute walk from the downtown where there are little shops and things. It is well supplied. Often you will share the place with up to 2 other residents or med students.

Week in the life of....Edit

What does a typical week look like?Edit

Both Dr. Dyke and Dr. Billings do some occupational health work at the Bruce nuclear plant. That clinic is a mix of occupational health issues (i.e. work restriction reviews) and a walk-in clinic for their employees. Very chill. They usually do two days a week at the Bruce from about 10 - 4. Might round on patients beforehand. The other days of the week involve clinic and maybe one ER shift. I was usually done by around 3 of 4 on regular clinic days.

Call requirementsEdit

No official call requirements, but potentially a couple of overnight or weekend ER shifts in a month.

Other things to addEdit

Dr. Dyke is awesome! Very relaxed, easygoing, friendly, and approachable. Knows a lot. He is also a great person to learn the business side of medicine from as his office is very efficient. The staff are also amazing and super friendly!

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