Academic AspectsEdit


There are 8 anesthetists there, and you work with all of them depending on the room you pick for the day.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

So far the teaching has actually been better than that I've received in London hospitals...the staff tend to actually stick around in the OR with you instead of leaving you for coffee half the day!

Other LearnersEdit

They try to cap it at 1 learner per rotation, but it seems like they're more often getting 2 which means you will likely be vying for top spot or constantly getting second pick (ie. If there is a FRCP anesthesia resident or a GP anesthesia resident there with you they will get first choice of rooms).


Practice PopulationEdit

Diverse, no cardiac/neuro but there is ortho, thoracics, gen surg, dentistry, ENT, gyne, scopes


Easily commutable from London, haven't done much touring there just because it's so close to London. BUT if you're there during the summer, Port Stanley is only 15 minutes away and it's FABULOUS!


None. If you're on call overnight you have the option of staying in the hospital, but if you don't get called all night you will still have to work the next day. (Like regular home call).

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

OR 7:30am-4pm at the latest unless you're on call, and rarely do on call cases keep you there past 10pm (more like 7pm). There are opportunities to do the pain clinic too.

Call requirementsEdit

1 weekday per week of home call + 1 weekend a month (also home call) – you rarely get called in after 11pm

Other Things to addEdit

Date of Last Edit: November 2010