Academic AspectsEdit


There is a different preceptor every week. Some of the preceptors also work in the ER.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

I was the only resident on my team. The teaching was excellent from the more experienced preceptors, but you have no control over who your preceptor is.

Other LearnersEdit

There is another resident on the other hospitalist team.


Practice PopulationEdit

Typically adults and the elderly.


St. Thomas has some history associated with it. It is known as the railroad capital of Canada because a lot of railroads passed through the town back in the day. Check out the museum!


No, you have to commute from London. I live in north London, so it took me about 45 minutes to get there, but if you live in south London, it should take only 20 minutes or so.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

The day is spent rounding on the inpatients and dealing with the issues. It is preceptor-dependent on how it runs, whether you divide up the patients or see everyone together. You will also see the occasional consult in the ER.

Call requirementsEdit

There was technically one weekend call but I was excused from it as I had other obligations.

Other Things to addEdit

Request the Red Team -- you might get to escape the weekend call as well! :D