Academic AspectsEditEdit


Assigned to a single preceptor for the rotation. 

Teaching to Service ratioEditEdit

One resident per preceptor. Teaching is highly preceptor dependant. I personally received almost no teaching.

Other LearnersEditEdit

Other preceptors will have residents with them, but this does not affect your learning.


Practice PopulationEditEdit

Typically adults and the elderly.


Stratford is a nice small community. There is plenty to see and do in downtown Stratford.


Accomodations are provided. The apartments are directly across the street from the hospital. They are outdated two bedroom apartments, but clean and have all the necessaties. The commute to London is very manageable if you choose not to stay. Parking is free. 

Week in the Life of...EditEdit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? EditEdit

The day is spent rounding on the inpatients and dealing with floor issues. Outside of this, there is clinic and other duties (eg. stress tests and reading echocardiograms, etc). On call days, you will also see consults in the ER. Some preceptors will have clinic days in other communities (eg. Listowel). 

Call requirementsEditEdit

It is preptor dependant on whether they will have you do weekend call. My experience was that I did not have to do weekend call and would do weekday call until midnight. The frequency of call was ~1 in 5

Other Things to addEditEdit

I did not enjoy this rotation. It is highly preceptor dependant. My experience was that of an observership. I had almost no responsibility and was expected to follow my preceptor around all day observing. I brought this forward and there was very little improvement.