Victoria Core Family Medicine


60 Chesley Ave




  • 2 Faculty provide intrapartum obstetrics
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Palliative care
  • Domestic violence
  • Minor surgical/office procedures

Faculty to Resident Ratio:



  • Dr Hammond
  • Dr Pawelec
  • Dr Valiquet
  • Dr Wickett
  • Dr Wetmore

Academic AspectsEdit


Team A: Dr. Hammond

Great teacher, excellent supervision and hands on experience. Terrific opportunity for getting experience in Family Medicine and Obstetrics. Very well organised.

Team B: Dr. Pawelec

Team C: Dr. Valiquet and Dr. Grushka Dr. Grushka: winner of 2013 teaching award (amazing preceptor: fun and does a lot of teaching around acute medicine. He works part-time as an Emerg Doc at Strathroy ER) Dr. Valiquet: incredibly warm personality, loves teaching, always supportive and willing to discuss cases/concerns.

Team D: Dr. Wickett/ Dr. Wetmore/Dr. Mawhinney

Dr. Wickett, a physician with excellent bedside manner particularly important when working with a population with special mental health and social needs. She has a special focus on medical education and is the current internal director of the program. Another special interest: care of elderly at Parkwood hospital

Dr. Wetmore and Dr Mawhinney work on the team 1-2 times per week and both have a strong interest in obstetrics, women's health and procedures

Teaching to Service ratio:Edit

Generally it's 1 preceptor to 1 or 2 residents and occasionally a medical student

Other LearnersEdit


Practice PopulationEdit

Team D: A high proportion of lower socioeconomic patients with numerous social problems on top of your average Family Medicine presenting complaints. Good mixture of Age demographics, newborns to seniors.


East of Adelaide. A number of great community services that can assist with patient problems. Clinic attached to Shopper's Drug Mart.

Plenty of great places to eat: Italian Sanwiches, Scotia Isle Bakery, Green Lantern, BBQ chicken, Subway, etc.


Week in the Life of... Edit

Monday: AM sign in rounds to start. Weekend on call resident will present pts seen on weekend as well as a case study.

Clinic from 9-12


Clinic 13-1700

Tuesday - 1 Tuesday a month at Parkwood with Dr. Jamie Wickett taking care of Parkwood Nursing Home patients.


Wednesday - AM teaching, PM Academic Half day

Thursday team meeting in afternoon - discuss pts that you have a concern with.


Friday - Signout rounds in AM, clinic.

Other Things to addEdit