Academic AspectsEdit


Generally you work with multiple preceptors, depending on which OR you are assigned or sign up for each day.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

There are a couple staff who are absolutely fantastic teachers at both hospital sites, and you will learn a ton when working with them. Not all are as enthusiastic, but I never had a negative experience with any of them. The teaching was proportional to work put anesthesia, you have time to kill in the OR during 'steady states' of cases!

Other LearnersEdit

There was never more than 2 learners when I was there – either 2 residents or 1 resident and 1 medical student. There were usually 8-10 ORs running at each site so you never felt like there wasn't enough work or good rooms to go around.


Practice PopulationEdit

- pretty diverse...whatever comes through the OR

- interestingly, there is a fairly large population with MH in/around Windsor, so you get to see management of that risk quite often.


great! Windsor has a lot to offer if you're willing to go out and find it. They have some fantastic restaurants (even better selection than London because their community is much more culturally diverse), there are all the major sports teams/concerts/shows that Detroit gets (and it's very easy to get there) and the city is really easy to get around. And there's nearby wine-tasting in the Pelee Region + outlet shopping across the border.


generally good, you usually stay at resident houses right across the street from Met campus (so if you're placed there, you literally walk across the street and you're at work in 30 seconds). You stay with residents from all specialties, and can request to be with friends too. All houses have cable TV, A/C, 1-3 bathrooms, and are good enough!

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

100% OR time – usually 7:30am-4pm (or earlier...)

Call requirementsEdit

I think you have to do 4 calls per month (including one weekend day) but I'm not positive.

- Many people do no call at all during this rotation, which the supervisors are fine with because it means you attend during the day when there is higher volume

Other Things to addEdit

It's a great anesthesia rotation!

Date of Last Edit: November 2010