Academic AspectsEdit


Dr. M. Chevalier: Great preceptor! Head of family medicine, full service family practice, hosptialist. Helps you set and pursue indiv. objectives. Dr. D. Paterson: Laid-back style. Gives plenty of indendence. Dr. J. Warwaruck: Bundle of energy. Supportive, fun to work with. Thorough. Dr. A. Steen: High energy. Easy to work with.

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Practice PopulationEdit

Reflects Windor's demographics (Italian, Arab, Anglo, E. European). Mainly working class.


Detroit Institute of Art Windsor Club - for a nice view


I think there is nice housing available near hospital.

Week in the Life of...Edit

All inpatient. Rounds starting 7-8:30 AM, depending on preceptor. Newborns exams (a highlight), new admissions, follow ups. Resident can carry as many patients as desired (generally 3-6). End day 3-6 PM. Mon-Fri.

Call requirementsEdit

Technically, home call M-F. But this can easily be avoided if you wish.

Other Things to addEdit

Since there is currently no CTU at Windsor Regional Hosp, the hospitalists tend to be MRP for patients that would normally go to a CTU (e.g. acute, multiple comorbidities -- not just babysitting ALCs). So if you like medicine, this is a great rotation. And no in house call.