Academic AspectsEdit


Teaching to Service ratioEdit

The amunt of teaching was exceptional for the level of work put in. There is an orientation day and they give you an orientation manual outlining the most important concepts for the rotation (e.g., Pain management and opioid infusions) and lots of relevant reading material.

Other LearnersEdit

There were no other residents or medical students while I was on the rotation. It appears that there is only one resident at a time. There are other learners, for example, nurses in training. However, they have different preceptors (e.g., a senior nurse)


Practice PopulationEdit

There is a diverse patient group. During the home visits you will get to see and compare how people who live in social housing versus those who are very wealthy deal with their illnesses. There are also children as well as adults. The emotional and spiritual management is much more different and the doctors and nurses will discuss different philosophies on how they deal with the situation of a dying child - at a personal level as well as with families and the patient him/herself.


The town is filled with friendly and generous people. There are biking and jogging trails along the riverfront.

When I was there, I was on call on Thanksgiving Weekend, and the nurse I was supposed to be on call with invited me to join her family for Thanksgiving. Also, at the hospice, there are lots of volunteers and they are so kind (one of them taught me how to crochet and gave me a book and crochet needles and yarn). The hospice gets funding and there is a Tim Hortons right in the Hospice Village that was donated (get free Tim Hortons every day!)


A former patient donated a large sum of money to build a beautiful apartment attached to the Hospice Village. It is for medical learners, so if you ask your supervisor, they can let you stay there.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

Almost daily, there are house calls and you go with the nurse to assess the patients. Once a week, there are also grand rounds where everyone goes through the list - these are multi-disciplinary so the nurses, social workers, and whoever else can attend are also there (e.g., music therapist)

Also, there are Hospice Village resident rounds ("resident" as in in-patient resident, not PGY resident) every other day.

There is a good mix of everything - you also can get a half-day with the music therapist, naturopath, and other ancillary workers.

Sometimes, there are guest speakers at lunch or dinner.

Call requirementsEdit

You are scheduled for one weekend call. I didn't do any more than that. It is steady, you never have to go in (it is home call over the phone)

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